We are a game development studio.

We developer game assets to make your life easy and fast do delivery.

We developer games.

We love it!


We are a game development studio, we love develop games, make your game with us. Our methodology in four steps:

1°- Your Ideia

Send your idea or concept with as many detail as possible. This can be a game or game asset.

2°- Proposal

We will send you a proposol for you aprove it

3°- Prototype

After you approve it, in few days We will send you a concept or prototype

4°- Done

After you approve the prototype in few more days We will send you the game or asset ready.

game assets

2D Background Parallax Pack

2D Background Parallax Pack

Build your game background and parallax effect With this pack can create a hundred variations and create your unique environment The texture can be used in old Unity versions.

This pack content:
09 Trees, 09 Plants, 09 Sun, 09 Moon, 12 Clouds, 02 Star background, 09 Flower (more then 24 variations included), 12 Mountain (more then 36 variations included), 09 Mountain background, 03 Mountain ready for parallax, 02 Ocean waves, 05 Paths, 05 Sky Background, 04 Parallax Examples

2D Background Parallax Pack

Game Assets - Creation and Customization

If you have any needs, idea or suggestion for game assets please let us know.

We can create a game asset pack, this can be a 2D Art Pack, 3D Model, Game Template, Characters, Animations, Scripting using Unity 3D or other.
Share your thoughts with us.



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